about Founder and his Family

Dr.Ananda Stira, Mrs.Margret Stira,

Rev.Dr.A.Joshua, Dr.Jane Joshua , Mr.Jonathan Moses

Dr. Ananda Stira was an orphan deserted by parents and society. He knew no joy in his life. English missionaries took him and raised him in their orphanage. When he reached adolescence local native wardens were cruel and abusive. He underwent terrible torture everyday. Physical and mental abuses were too much for him to bear.

In addition to this, severe diseases crippled his life. Asthma, Renal failure and Rheumatic heart disease were only a few of the many diseases that tormented him everyday. Though a good student, he could not attend school regularly. He stood first in his class. Even though he was offered a free MBBS seat, since he was an orphan, he was denied the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor. The local warden taunted him saying no orphan is fit to become a doctor. So instead of college, they sent him to concentration camps to work hard just like a slave, licking up the rice water. They caned him, threw him in well and tortured him in all ways possible.

He suffered under severe servitude.The first rank holder was forced to do hard labor whereas all the other students went to college. So he cried everyday to someone to help him do college studies. (India was not like other countries where you can work while you study) Forced by all these circumstances, he was totally frustrated and he attempted suicide several times. But each time the Lord saved him miraculously.Then by a divine calling, he left the institution and went to another city.

He started to earn a meager sum even at the age of 16. Again at the age of 29, while he tried to take his own life by consuming potassium cyanide, the Lord Jesus appeared to him and spoke to him as a friend. From that instant, all his sorrowful life turned into bliss and joy. Having been denied higher education in spite of being the class topper, he had lost all hope and confidence. Though he could not earn a single degree because of bias and prejudice, the Lord blessed him with many degrees and doctorates (M.A.LMP., FISTM, M.DIV., D.D., PhD).

The Most High God exalted him as a great steward and a medical research scholar with a prestigious and a high earning profession. While he was in the prime of life, at the age of 32, he was affected by jaundice and was clinically dead. But the Risen Lord took his soul to heaven and showed him the glorious and majestic Kingdom for six hours. Then the Lord commanded his soul to return to his body, commissioning Dr. Ananda to spread the Gospel all over the world. Hallelujah! The Ministry of Jesus originated from these humble beginnings. Through the powerful personal encounter with the Lord, the Almighty God has graciously filled Dr. Ananda Stira with the abundant power of the Holy Spirit. MINISTRY OF JESUS PROFILE The Ministry of Jesus was started in the year 1983.

Even before that Dr. Ananda used to do part time Ministry since he was a very busy pathological research scholar in his own laboratory. He could spare only a little time for the Ministry but the Lord kept urging him. When he was taken upto Heaven at the age of 32, the Lord clearly commanded him to take His love all over the world. Obeying this command was the prime motive of Dr. Ananda, so slowly he started to go for full time Ministry. His early ministerial days were occupied with early morning and late evening visits to the villages. He was doing this some time when the Lord opened doors for His ministry in many partsof the world. Wherever he went, the Holy Spirit used him mightily.

Thousands of people had been saved, healed and delivered through his Ministry. What started as a small Ministry has grown by leaps and bounds. At first the Ministry of Jesus was conducting Good News crusades wherever people invited Dr. Ananda and sending a monthly Christian publication to a few subscribers.

But now the Ministry of Jesus is carrying the Gospel through 13 different kinds of ministries, holding Public Good News Crusades, Family Blessing Meetings, proclaiming the Gospel through Television and other media and personal Evangelism to name a few.

The public Good news meetings conducted by the Ministry of Jesus are always held in places where the Gospel has not reached, where no other evangelist or preacher had gone before. The Ministry also never demands money from the local people or pastors.

We spend money and arrange meetings in all these places. So wherever we go the Lord gives us a great harvest. Millions of people who have not heard about Jesus before taste His love for the first time and their lives are changed forever. So far we have conducted 900 Family Blessing Meetings in various parts of India within fifteen years. It attracts a minimum of 2000 to maximum 10,000 people per day in various places even in the unknown places. But the public crusades attract minimum twenty five thousand to a hundred thousand people regardless of caste, status, religion and in all sectors of life.

The in-depth Holy Life and Power seminars, conducted by the Ministry of Jesus, all over the world serves to impart His grace and gifts to those who desire His power. The unique fact that we have experienced in the Ministry is that the Lord performs outstanding and creative miracles wherever meetings are held. The days of the Apostles are relived everywhere. The hunched backs are straightened, cancers are healed, the crippled walk and new organs are formed in the place of defunct ones.

As written in Romans 8:30, the Lord exalts those He has called. The same is true in Dr. Ananda’s life too. Wherever he goes, the Lord manifests His mighty name through awesome miracles and wonders. Thousands and thousands of people are delivered from sin, sickness, satanic bondage and even the dead come back to life. The blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the mute speak, and broken families are united.Millions of people have accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior in Dr.Ananda Stira’s meetings.

The Lord has kept him as a blessing not only to the people in various Indian states but also to countries all over the world including USA, UK, Europe, Arabian countries, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The motto of the Ministry of Jesus is to take the Gospel of Jesus to the unreached parts of the world. Our vision is to transform the world by His love. The Lord also reveals His plan and will for the nations through His humble prophet. This makes us to rejoice in the Lord and praise His awesome power.