Mary Jones (1784 – 1864)


Birth and Family Background:

Mary Jones was born on December 16, 1784 in a hamlet at the foot of a place called Idris, in Welsh. Her father was a weaver. Though born in a poor family, Jones developed the habit of working hard. She helped her mother in all the chores and went to school. She also helped her mother in selling the eggs laid by the chicken grown at home.

Earnest Desire for the Holy Bible:

A deep desire to buy a Bible of her own, grew in the heart of little Mary Jones, as days passed. Those days, it was very rare to get a Bible. Even if it was available, poor people could not buy a copy. Mary Jones was in utter poverty! She decided to save money to buy a Bible.

Six years passed. Her desire grew; so did her savings. The day of rejoicing arrived! Yes, she had saved sufficient money to buy a Bible. Knowing that a Bible was available with a pastor who was residing 25 miles away from her house, she went by walk to buy it. She set out on her journey cheerfully, early in the morning.

She happily handed over her money to Pastor Charles whom she had heard was in possession of Bibles. But she was shocked to hear that there was no Bible available with him. She began to cry uncontrollably and the pastor’s heart melted for her.

He was deeply moved by that little girl’s burning desire and efforts to avail a Bible and hence he immediately gave her his own Bible, which he had for his use.

Birth of International Bible Society:

On receiving the Bible, her joy knew no bounds. She ran back to her village; called out to her relatives and read the Bible aloud, with great joy. It was her passion and desire for Bible that was the main reason for the birth of the International Bible Society.